"It’s a rare thing to have a job you look forward to doing every day. You feel inspired by everyone around you - to do your best, give your best and to be a part of the best team out there, all while having fun. After leaving Semifreddi’s for a year and doing a stint in the corporate world, I can honestly say coming back felt like coming home to my family." 
Emily B. 
Starting Date: January 2004
Starting Position: Office Clerk
Current Position: Office & Payroll Manager

“The guiding question here is ‘Can we be the best?’”
John T. (JT)
Starting Date: October 1993
Starting Position: Bread Shaper
Current Position: Vice President of Bakery Operations

“Semifreddi’s believes that if you take care of your people, your people take care of you.”
Frank L.
Starting Date: October 2001
Starting Position: Controller
Final Position: Chief Bean Counter
Retired: May 2016

“This company knows which side the bread is buttered on.”
Bill F.
Starting Date: November 2003
Starting Position: Office Jack-Of-All-Trades
Current Position: Chief Financial Officer

“I learn something new every day.”
Ken S.
Starting Date: November 1995
Starting Position: Delivery Driver
Current Position: Distribution Manager

“Things are constantly changing to make the company better. As a group, we are always talking about change and how to improve.”
Craig W.
Starting Date: July 2000
Starting Position: Delivery Driver
Current Position: Distribution Manager

“Everyone here feels acknowledged. You don’t see this kind of caring very often.”
Wendy B.
Starting Date: August 2003
Starting Position: Delivery Driver
Current Position: Director of Distribution

“I started out as a janitor and then moved up to packer, shaper, baker and mixer. There’s no reason I cannot eventually become a supervisor.”
Raul B.
Starting Date: November 1999
Starting Position: Janitor
Current Position: Production Floor Supervisor

"I'm proud to sell a product that I eat every day, and I'm privileged to work with talented, driven individuals in an environment where personal and professional growth is encouraged."
Karalyn W.
Starting Date: August 2011
Starting Position: Retail Counter Person
Current Position: Retail & Food Safety Manager

“We all really want to see the company grow. We want to be different from other companies. We want to be the best.”
Cesar G.
Starting Date: August 1996
Starting Position: Janitor/Packer
Current Position: Bakery HR Manager

“We can talk to the owners every day. They are always available and always willing to talk to you”.
Jorge B.
Starting Date: October 1994
Starting Position: Bread Shaper
Current Position: General Manager

“It’s not like working for a company. It’s more like being in school.”
Abdelillah B.
Starting Date: February 2000
Starting Position: Packer
Current Position: Bakery Manager

“We have been fortunate to attract and retain highly motivated and talented individuals who see the value of working as a team to bake world class bread and pastries.”
Tom F.
Starting Date: June 1988
Starting Position: Entry-Level Hourly Employee: Baker/Driver/Retail/Dishwasher
Current Position: Chief Bootlicker/CEO/President/Chief Comedian/Co-Owner

“I love being able to provide a creative environment that fosters and supports dedicated, hardworking people, practicing their craft.”
Mike R.
Starting Date: January 1987
Starting Position: Unpaid Gopher
Current Position: Mad Scientist/Chief Creative Officer/Co-Owner