Semifreddi's uses only premium ingredients in our our products.
​​​​​​​The FDA issued an alert regarding lead levels in ground cinnamon. 
We have issued a statement in reponse, please click here to read it. 

The San Francisco Bay Area's Family Bakery

Our mission

“Make the best baked bread and pastries in the universe, offer them at a fair and reasonable price, provide superior customer service, treat our employees like family and give back to the community.”
In 1984 Semifreddi’s opened the doors to a 450-square-foot bakery in Kensington, California with one sourdough recipe, four products and a commitment to bake and deliver world class, hand-made bread daily. 
View from inside of SemiFreddis bakery, with machinery and flags hanging from the roof. View from inside of SemiFreddis bakery, with machinery and flags hanging from the roof.
Zoomed in image of multiple bread loavesZoomed in image of multiple bread loaves

From one to many

We now utilize over 25 different recipes and bake more than 50 different breads and pastries.
In a typical week, we bake around 190,000 loaves of bread and 40,000 pastries and cookies, at our “world” headquarters in Alameda.  By the way, “our world” is the San Francisco Bay Area.

Baking is our passion

Providing you with the freshest and highest quality breads and pastries at a reasonable price is our goal.
We search the world for the finest ingredients; fennel from India, poppy seeds from Australia and the Netherlands, cinnamon from Indonesia, vanilla from Madagascar, and flour milled in Oaktown (Wurd!). We are and always will be self-proclaimed bread and pastry nerds.

We have been thinking of doing this web site since 1984 (we’re Luddittes and visionaries), so take a look around our “site” and see why Semifreddi’s isn’t your typical bakery or business.
Tom, Michael & Barbara
(Yes, we are all related to each other and after all these years we still speak to each other everyday. Well, almost everyday!)
Photo of hand holding stack of cookiesPhoto of hand holding stack of cookies